Martha Hayden           

Martha Hayden went to Austria to study with the famed German Expressionist, Oskar Kokoschka, on a fellowship from the Art Institute of Chicago.  She was chosen by Kokoschka to receive the Kokoschka Award given by the City of Salzburg for her work there.  In a letter of recommendation for her, he wrote "She was astonishingly of my most brilliant and serious of the rare artists today to open the eyes... instead of blindly following the non-objective fashion."

These watercolor were painted in 1962 in Salzburg. At the Schule, we worked very quickly; There was a new pose every 20 minutes. The watercolors are intended to capture a moment of life, a moment never again to be repeated. In Kokoschka's words, "Open your eyes and look, remember that this particular light, these exact colors, and this unique gesture will never, never combine again. Nothing can hold this moment of life unless you seize it with your brush."

Martha Hayden and Oskar Kokoschka, 1962

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