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Coffee Stains, 2009
Accordian fold book. 22 pages, digitally printed on both sides of archival paper made from coffee residue. 8 x 5 inches, 110 inches unfolded. edition of 10, $250

  One Foot in Front of the Other, 2009

       Accordian fold book, 10 pages, digitally printed on both sides, augmented with pastel and acrylic,

        6.75 x 5 inches, edition of 10, in slip case, $150.     



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“Coffee Stains” is a book extolling the “health benefits” of coffee drinking in drawings made with coffee washes. Mistakenly dipping a brush in her ever-present cup, Martha Hayden found that coffee washes are rich and beautiful. She began to make them on purpose, experimenting with different strengths, with or without milk.

The book has 22 accordion folded sheets, 8 x 5, digitally printed on both sides (44 pages), augmented by washes of coffee.It is formed of acid free cover weight stock, manufactured from 100% post-consumer paper and coffee content. Coffee skins from the mountains of El Salvador are used to color the paper. Agricultural by-products and post consumer paper create solid waste problems. Costa Rica Natural Paper donates a percentage of paper sales to support a scholarship fund to study sustainable development.

The cover is Lokta paper made in mountainous villages in Nepal. Lotka bushes regenerate from the same root system after being harvested. The paper is tree-free, acid free, environmentally sound and benefits villages in remote areas of the Himalayas.

This book has been purchased for the collection of the British Museum Library!

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Occupy My Sketchbook, 2012

Accordion fold, 32 pages, drawings made in Zucotti Park during November 2011, printed both sides on tree free archival Mango paper (made from recycled agricultural waste) and yellow cardstock, 8 x 5 inches closed, 80 x 8 inches opened. $250


خلق هدم, Create/Destroy, 2013

16 page accordion fold book, printed both sides, with pop ups, archival banana paper (tree free and

Made from recycled agricultural waste), hard cover, 5.5 x 4.5 inches, edition of 15. Honoring the

Memory and the future of Al-Mutanabbi Street with a series of drawings and etchings made during or

about the war, interspersed with pop up books which might have been sold or read on the street.


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Fortune Teller, unfolded with directions



Fortune Teller, with box