Martha Hayden
We had quite a day on Saturday, high winds, snow, and a tree falling and bringing down an electric wire in front of the house. We had no lights! People were good sports, using their cell phone flash lights to get a good look at paintings. Sunday was a nice day, and the lights and heat and coffee pot were all on.

Since I stay upstairs with the majority of the paintings so I can help people look at them, my daughter, Sarah, suggested that downstairs there should be notes to tell about the paintings on the walls. So, presented below are the paintings exhibited with Sarah's captions.

Sold DotClare's Meadow
oil on linen
16 x 20

Clare’s Meadow

Artist’s Note:

I made several gouaches and then this oil of Clare’s Memorial Meadow. We planted it last year with a mix of grasses and wildflowers and worried a lot about whether it would take. This year in July, there was a host of yellow black eyed susans: it was beautiful! There is a pond where cattails miraculously grew. I tried to get a feel for this sweep of color without getting fussy about flowers.


Notes on Open Studio, 2018
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